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At the heart of our business lies Industrial Packaging and Containers. While we offer various types of industrial insurance, our most deep-rooted experience lies in industrial packaging manufacturing. Rather than trying to insure every industry out there, we’ve chosen to specialize in one we know.




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    Key Coverage

    Protecting What Matters

    The Barber Agency has been serving the industry since 1948. That’s three generations of providing the utmost professional insurance advice and service to every sector of a variety of industries. We base our relationships upon trust, honesty, and mutual respect. It is an adherence to those values, along with vast knowledge, stability, and expertise that has guaranteed client satisfaction for over 70 years.

    Industrial Insurance Agency specializes in insuring reusable industrial packaging companies. By focusing on a specific industry, our brokers have a deep understanding of the needs and risks in the industrial packaging world. With hands-on experience in reusable industrial packaging, we know how to best protect our clients against unforeseen circumstances. We provide insurance coverage and various other services for businesses throughout the industry.

    The team at Industrial Insurance Agency has direct experience insuring businesses across the reusable packaging industry and will work with you to make sure your business is completely protected at the best price possible.